Greetings Reader, ahhhh we all love it in some way or another, hard, soft, warm, cold, salty, sweet, savory. Not forgetting served with a dollop of your favorite ice cream. They have been a way to comfort the soul and calm the pallet while creating an orgasmic feeling for all who will indulge.

Desserts have come a long way dating back as far as 3000 BC. This little gem of food as I call it has exploded in variety, taste, texture and flavors over the years. Amongst them chocolate being the god, the language of love and romance.

This food is loved worldwide with a passion, however, we have modified and simplified it to suit every body type. We have become more self and health conscious with our diet while enjoying the finest things in life, without having to compromise taste, flavor, texture and orgasmic satisfaction.


Now deserts are fat free, and sugar free, with little to no health complications. If you are lactose intolerant you can still enjoy a full serving of your favorite ice cream with no change to the taste. More natural and organic ingredients are used to get the same undefinable results.

10 seconds to lose 54lbs. in 30 days

I have to this date maintain my weight without changing too much of my lifestyle and loving the things that I enjoy no compromise. When I first got involved with this product I lost a whopping 6kg in two weeks and I still enjoy my low fat and sugar free desserts always. I have also used this as a dessert shake as a substitute. <<CLICK HERE>> to find out how I keep the weight off.

Enjoying the one life with not restrictions should be our #1 priority. Take care of our little selves, love and appreciate the delicacies that life has to offer.

The weight loss journey is truly a difficult one. Happy are those who may think that it is just a walk in the park on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon. For those of us who have been losing the fighting battle, I say to you never give up, keep loving and appreciating your self. Find like minded people who have been where you are so you can be motivated. Do research on what works for you and your body type.

Do enough research to avoid Fad or Fake diets that do more harm than good. As the weight loss industry is a 54 billion dollar industry the different when every there is a different supplement, or pill, or powder, or tea. most of those will promise quick weight loss and instant results. Some who really do not understand the weight loss journey will be all too quick to be intimidated for a quick fix.

<<Click here to watch a 10 second video>>

I am hoping that my experience shared is one that every lover of dessert understands. Peace and love and don’t extract that sweet tooth.

Much Love, Val.

P.S: There are affiliate links present.



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